In the Northern Sierra Nevada near Lake Almanor stands Dyer Mountain. At the base and along the flanks of this 7,500' Sierran peak is planned an all-season community. The Dyer Mountain Resort community represents a new vision in recreation and resort thinking. Growing out of a confluence of remarkable attributes, the community is patterned after early Sierra vacation "camps." It is designed to bring people together to enjoy the site's stunning natural amenities... lakes, streams, mountains, meadows, and wildlife.

Dyer Mountain Resort Center with Red, Year 1 and Gold, Years 2, 3
and 4.

It is the intent of Dyer Mountain Associates that the community be a model for environmentally responsible development. Nature will dominate and structures will sit lightly on the land. Large areas of land have already been set aside as preserves, and there is a strong desire to actually increase wildlife habitat through the course of the project.

The community's planning and architecture thereby create new visions reflective of the land's natural attributes and the social lifestyle envisioned. Dyer Mountain will have a new timelessness that is comfortable and evocative. Though it will never have been seen before, it will feel as if it always was there. This is not pseudo history; it is new history, reminiscent of the past, but wholly fresh.

The Dyer Mountain Resort
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