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The Dyer Mountain Resort project is firmly committed to the land and its surrounding community. Plans for the resort have been thoughtfully developed using specific guiding principals:


  • Stewardship of the land is paramount
  • We vow to protect, preserve and nurture the environment
  • We are committed to bringing value to the town of Westwood and its surrounding communities
  • We believe that providing opportunities and jobs for young people will give them choices, and those life choices provide needed stimulation that leads to motivation and success

Where we are today?

Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

The Draft Environmental Impact report has been completed and published.  We are very pleased by the report's findings.  The issues identified and the mitigation recommendations to address each issue are well within our ability to implement.  The EIR is a comprehensive review of potential impacts of the Dyer Mountain project on the environment such as water, wildlife, air quality, vegetation, and traffic.

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Partnership development

We are in active discussions with potential partners and ski area planners.
Resort Planning

The Dyer Mountain Resort concept features a ski resort, two golf courses, and a series of neighborhoods, each with its own recreation facilities and open space. Neighborhoods will be clustered to help reduce the amount of land used and to create a greater percentage of open space. These neighborhoods will have common themes, common design elements, approved color palates, and landscape plans. Architectural styles consistent with early Sierran resorts are planned. Each of the neighborhoods will be built with the latest and most appropriate technologies to empower homeowners to maximize their time at Dyer Mountain.

The ski area and the resort's first phase are not expected to open until the winter of 2007/2008 and will develop carefully thereafter, over 8 to 11 years.

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