Core Values

To be respectful of the region, its assets, its history and culture

To embrace the environment, and protect the natural beauty of the magnificent wilderness setting

To become part of the regional fabric

To celebrate this great region and its history, and contribute to its future

Guiding Principals

  • Stewardship of the land is paramount. We will do everything we can to ensure the environment remains healthy and intact for future generations to enjoy and appreciate. The practices that we put into place to manage the land will be the newest and best practices available to us, and we will continue to monitor and improve upon those practices as the land demands.
  • We vow to protect, preserve and nurture the environment. To accomplish these goals, we will maintain as much open and undeveloped land as is possible. In fact, up to 80% of the property will be open space.
  • We are committed to bringing value to the town of Westwood and its surrounding communities. We agree with the Westwood/Clear Creek development plan, which provides for new clean industry. New industry will bring new jobs an new residents to the area and will create opportunity for the region to prosper.
  • We believe that providing opportunities and jobs for young people will give them choices, and those life choices provide needed stimulation that leads to motivation and success. We hope to make a positive impact on this community, and at the same time respect the environment and protect it for future generations.


  • This is a place of confluence where mountains and lakes, streams and neighborhoods, wildlife and people come together.
  • Dyer Mountain is a real place where people live and play in harmony with each other and with nature.
  • The community is innovative, yet traditional. It is connected to the future through the application of advanced technologies for truly better living.