The Village Center at Dyer Mountain will sit lightly on the land in a scale that is inviting and that fits the environment.
Entering the Dyer Mountain community, vehicles will cross the highest elevation covered bridge in the United States.

Village Center

Products and services that fulfill the immediate needs of guests and residents, such as: convenience and sundry store, ski and sports shop, grooming services, restaurants, apparel and gift stores, community center, lifelong learning center, resort and recreational services, public utilities and services will be introduced as need arises and the resort evolves.


Full service hotel and condominium rentals will be available.


A diverse number of multi-family and single family neighborhoods from high-end to medium-priced resort and residential neighborhoods are envisioned. In Phase I, approximately 161 attached residences (Townhouses, condos) and 274 detached residences (single family residences) will be available.

The Dyer Mountain community will feature a series of innovative neighborhoods, each identified by a distinctive artistic, cultural, environmental or recreational centerpiece.

The residential street depicted here is indicative of a style of neighborhood envisioned.


Clustered neighborhoods will differentiate Dyer Mountain from other resort destinations. These neighborhoods will each have common themes, common design elements, approved color palates and landscape plans. Each neighborhood will be built with the latest and most appropriate technologies to empower the homeowner to maximize their time at Dyer Mountain Resort.