For time immemorial, the Maidu people camped and fished in summer along the Hamilton Branch of the Feather River. About 100 years ago, Dyer Mountain became owned by Red River Lumber Company. The mountain's forests of pines, fir and cedar were logged several times during the past century.

In the late 1960s, forester Gaylord Briggs noted Dyer Mountain's potential as a winter sports area and placed this use within the Lassen County general plan. A Federal grant was later obtained to allow for a study of the mountain's potential as a winter sports area.
Snow and mountain surveys were conducted by snow engineering field manager Ted Beeler in 1989, '90 and '91.

In the late '90s, San Francisco area developer Briar Tazuk, who as a young man worked on trail crews at Lassen National Park, began looking for a location in the Sierra to do a commercial project and learned of Dyer Mountain. He flew to Washington State and met with Beeler who described Dyer's exceptional potential as a mountain resort.

Briar did his own studies and found a beautiful site with extraordinary scenic, natural and recreational values. He determined that the terrain was ideal for skiing, golf and other recreational pursuits, and saw opportunities to carefully develop residential communities.

In November, 2000, over 62 percent of Lassen County voters approved an initiative to rezone Dyer Mountain from timber product zone to mountain resort zone. By doing so, they demonstrated emphatically that Lassen County residents strongly support plans to develop a four-season mountain resort community at Dyer Mountain.